• Linguistische Treffen in Wrocław •

ISSN: 2084-3062 • e-ISSN: 2657-5647 • DOI: 10.23817/lingtreff • Absprungrate: 35% (2023)

Grenzen der Sprachen und Grenzen der Sprachwissenschaft in der Ökolinguistik / Language and Linguistics: ecolinguistics as a border-crossing discipline

Federico Collaoni, Universität Udine, Italien

DOI: 10.23817/lingtreff.13-4 (online zugänglich: 2019-02-04)

Schlüsselwörter: Ökolinguistik, Ökologie, Sprache im Kontakt, Umweltdiskurs

This paper investigates ecolinguistics and its subdisciplines Ecology of Languages and Ecological Linguistics with particular focus on the border-concept. On the one hand, the first research field exploits technical terminology and principles of natural sciences – in particular ecology – metaphorically, to provide linguistics with a new perspective for the analysis of language contact phenomena. On the other hand, Ecological Linguistics analyses contemporary environmental discourses by means of a transdisciplinary linguistic approach. In this sense, the paper illustrates how this discipline within applied linguistics investigates boundaries between language varieties and crosses traditional borders between scientific disciplines as well.


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