• Linguistische Treffen in Wrocław •

ISSN: 2084-3062 • e-ISSN: 2657-5647 • DOI: 10.23817/lingtreff • Bounce Rate: 30% (2020)

Aspekte einer Perzeptiven Varietätenlinguistik am Beispiel der Sprechergemeinschaft von Jerez de la Frontera: Subjektive Dialektgrenzen im südwestandalusischen Spanisch / Aspects of Perceptual Variety Linguistics Adapted to the Jerez Speech Community: Subjective Dialect Boundaries in Southwestern Andalusian Spanish

Jannis Harjus, University of Innsbruck (ORCID: 0000-0001-5150-6106)

DOI: 10.23817/lingtreff.15-8 (published online: 2019-09-17)

Keywords: perceptive variety linguistics, southwestern Andalusia, Jerezano

The article deals with the metalinguistic knowledge of Jerezano speakers about the variation within the Southwestern Andalusian dialectal zone, applying the perceptual dialectology. In particular, we investigate the metalinguistic knowledge about a possible phonic norm in Southwestern Andalusia that presumably diverges from the national standard of Peninsular Spanish. Methodologically, we focus on metalinguistic representations: the results show a clear division between a ceceante (Jerez and rural Cádiz) and another seseante zone (Seville capital and Cádiz capital). With it, the speakers themselves believe in a non-existence of a Sevillian norm based on seseo for the local speech community.


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